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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Blue Burst ver.1

the long wait was over. Been waiting an age for the body to arrive and things got rather frustrating when as opposed to 5 days it took 3 weeks to arrive..
...but it did. These bodies are not cheap. And with a weight of 2.15 lbs and the finish I can understand why. Coupled with a purchase I made back in 2009, a Warmoth modern C pro series with AAA Birdseye maple and Brazilian rosewood fret board , things were heating up. Now, some people scribble that these necks rob tone. An interesting point indeed and one to keep in mind. With a body weight of 2.15 the resonance is quite incredible.
I had enough lying around to stick it together just to get a version 1. The fact that the fullertons arrived at the same time had me deciding to try them out. Once I had the parts on the table I decided to go for another pick guard, which i also bought a while back. I had plans on using a different bridge with brass saddles, brass claw and silent springs, so that's happening possibly....meantime, here are some pics of the initial set up. the pickups are amazing. the hype is right!

so in the dark wee hours she came together. As I wrote, a few minor changes, color tones on knobs and pickup covers , bridge...maybe with brass saddles to go with brass nut and then as mentioned a brass claw and silent springs. Although, the sound is already there...

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