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Thursday, December 22, 2016

First official day of winter and projekt X kicks off...Blue Burst !

it's late into the year for the official announcement that the five days of 0 degrees means we can officially kick off winter.

Cut a long story short, a while back i picked up an amazing modern C Warmoth pro series neck. Birdseye maple with a rosewood slab, and a brass nut fitted (Fender Malmsteen part number) and yet this neck had never really had a body that really fitted the neck.

Not sure why, but it suddenly dawned on me that maybe the best move would be to find a warmth body. And so the looking began on the bay. Didn't take long before I found exactly what I thought would do the trick....with the reasoning being the fact that this body was under 3 Lbs swamp ash and  looked different enough to start actually building a project that would be different to the rest of my others.

Liking the look of this blue burst and especially the weight, with a rear and sides that are black.

so, time to take apart another guitar that I wasn't 100% happy with which sources pretty much everything required: Warmoth pro series neck, hardware...and pretty much everything except pickups.

so then it would be down to the usual questions...pickguard...which one...

I have a 77 original black pick guard if required...but I went for a white solid three ply custom pick guard which i found on the bay. Single ply but same thickness as a three ply pick guard.

so as usual we shall see how that pans out as both black and white do the job on a blue burst...

so, we shall see once everything is setup on the work bench. However, this photograph that I found out there seems to be the way I will go...

next week should see the start of parts dropping through the door, although knowing the post at xmas it's probably gonna go together in 2017...

liking the set up between black, burst and ash piping..this isn't the same body as mine due to pickup cavities, but same burst and setup..

I'll update once she comes together...

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