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Monday, September 30, 2013

One step forwards...

It's been the never ending story trying to get the fuel pump to work normally.
If I wire up the pump directly to the battery, it worked. If I connected into the harness and turned key, the pump never worked..
So tonight , for the first time, I swapped around some of the relays and tried again.
I swapped the 25G-01 for 3GM relay and this time on turn key, the pump worked...and kept working without switching off...
Looking around the forums is also a real head scratcher...there is a lot written about the 25G on the Virago forums...half state it's the relay for the side stand and the other half for the fuel pump....

So, common sense here: the racing sprint harness that came with the bike only had a 3GM blue relay in the harness and no white based 25G. So I'm presuming I've wired it up wrong and I've fitted them into the wrong places in the harness. The positives are of course, that I can finally get the behemoth outside and start her up!

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