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Monday, September 26, 2011

Best of British? NORTON NRV588

You'll probably realise I'm a wee bit slow on the uptake with regards bikes that have already been in the news..and heres one I only found out about the other day...what a beauty!
Somewhere filed away under "cancelled projects" I still own a Norton letterhead offer of a complete rolling chassis off the mark 1 Spondon Norton racers.This type filmed here at East Fortune in Scotland:

That usually brings a tear to people who know what I didn't move on..but the main issue back then , is the same had to have a rotary engine to put into the chassis and that wasn't so easy...
I used to head up to knockhill to watch the JPS Nortons with Ray Stringer and Trevor Nation (think Steve Spray also raced them) and watch them firing flames six feet out the exhaust..they ran hotter than hot and sounded like the Kraken was released! The question was always surrounding they're actual displacement..some argued it was double what was being claimed, and looking at them fly past the bikes at the time made you wonder how a twin at 588cc could be that quick..

Anyway, the new version sounds awesome!

check out back in the day...plenty ow01's, rc30s and of course a norton in its infancy..

norton nrs

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