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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One step closer..

The logistical nightmare of buying a race bike over the phone in another country has taken one step forward.If everything runs as smoothly as it should, I should have the Yamaha ow01 moved to a garage in central London awaiting pickup once I'm over there.
I've also been in contact with the authority on Ow01's who has already been very helpful and has 3 sheds of spares when or f required.
The OW01 is quite a rare beast but I have to say I do prefer them more in race guise than standard road bike. The bike I'm buying, which I've put up as pics in another post, has several race parts and also some other parts used back in the day for racing.For example, the radiator isn't a race-kit part but a kawasaki radiator used by many OW01 racers as they were curved and more efficient.
The bike is road registered. But lacks standard parts like a starter and of course a wiring harness.I also believe it was running a total loss ignition set-up.

However, the gutz of the bike are one of the 140 imported to the UK. Currently it has a yzf engine installed , but comes with the original ow01 engine in boxes. Apparently the cases had a hydraulic lock and snapped a lug off on the inside. I reckon that should be fixable.The pistons have been die-tested and cleared but require rings which have been sourced. The crank has been knife-edged and bulldogged and carries titanium rods. So X-mas shopping list will include a complete gasket set.

There are some other interesting parts.Endurance alloy tank which is slightly larger.Harris airbox.carbon mix fairings and seat . Flat-slide carbs Dymags carry the chassis.At 187kg as a road bike, it will be interesting to find out the weight with all the goodies.

Anyway, full strip down for the winter on the way.Will post updated pics and info throughout the winter.
Oh, and the picture? It's not my bike, but I'd like to replicate those lines for the project bike!

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